Growth Management Resources

Seribu Bai manufactures comprehensive certified organic nutrient & plant protection products that are offered for transition to natural soil and regenerative agriculture

Garden Village Markets

The Garden Village Market is a retailer and wholesale buyer of certified organic grains, produce and meat products. GVM provides full market support for Seribu Bai and its agri-business partners. In this transparent market, fair price and fair-trade policies ensure the best price in the market for the farmers.


The Seribu Bio professional agronomy team of offers a host of farm consulting services from the ground up soil regeneration and regenerative organic farming.

Organic Certification

Seribu Bio offers services & organic certification programs and services for seeds, crops and land.

Carbon Offset Certification & Development

Seribu Bio offers carbon sequestration programs that include the development of registered ‘Carbon Offset Credit’ certificates to be sold on the carbon markets.