Seribu Bio’s daughter company “Eco Soil Sdn Bhd” which is specialize in producing premium grade compost product. Next level of green composting technology using 100% agri-waste incorporating a consortium of microbes. To compost and create a premium grade Ecosoil to enhance the grow media in any plant grow culture. We, here at Seribu Bio Systems researched and developed this next generation composting technologies for past 15 years and came out the best solution for Grow Media, Peat Moss & Soil condoner.

Our compost come with wholesome meal of the plants where the results are better than the chemically grown plants.

Our years of trial and error and pilot projects results in optimum produce. It is a soil like material that preform equal to tropical jungle soil. This “Ecosoil” are also inoculated with huge amount of beneficial fungus, bacterial, fungicides & Insecticides. These organic fungicides & Insecticides are best solution which can replace expensive chemical based insecticide and fungicides.

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A proud product of Seribu Bio which is a 100% organic recipe to ensure 100% germination of seeds. Our Eco peat Moss is enriched with all the macro and micro nutrients and beneficial microbes that help the seeds to germinate efficiently. No need to add any fertilizer until the seedling become plant able to the bigger grow bags or grow bed.

Just add water and see your seeds germinate, Zero fertilizer needed. We have made it just this simple.

Unlike the normal market available Peat Moss, The Eco Peat Moss is the 100% organic product after the combination of organic raw materials and microbes. Eco Peat moss forms in the absence of air. This slows the decomposition process and creates a homogeneous material that is highly absorbent, which makes it perfect a seed starter.​

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Benefits of Peat Moss

  • Peat moss is a unique organic material that provides several benefits, including absorbency, compaction prevention, a sterile planting medium, and its acidic ph.​
  • Peat moss retains water much better than average soils, which increases the absorbency of any potting mixes and garden soils that use peat moss.
  • Peat moss is not compact, unlike other organic materials. Soil compaction is damaging to gardens and reduces water absorption and plant growth. Peat moss remains springy when it is wet and rehydrates easily, plus one application of peat moss can last for years.​
  • Peat moss does not contain harmful pathogens or weed seeds. This, combined with its absorbency, makes it ideal for starting seedlings and is why peat moss is an essential component in most seed starting mixes.​
  • The pH of peat moss is slightly acidic which does help a lot for seeds to grow fast.
  • Eco Peat moss is completely sterile and harbors no disease organisms and rarely contains weeds or pests. This sterility makes it an optimum choice for starting seeds.
  • Fungi can't usually survive in peat.
  • Eco Peat Moss also absorbs water slowly, which can prevent overly soggy soil that causes seeds and seedlings to rot. This same attribute can make it difficult to moisten if it's allowed to dry out completely, so proper watering practices must be followed when starting seeds in a peat-based soil mix.
  • Eco Peat Moss aids drainage system.
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Eco Peat Moss As A Seed Starter

There are several ways to prepare a seed starting mix from peat moss. The mix you use will vary, depending on your preferences. Soilless seed mixes use peat moss as the base with equal parts horticultural grade perlite or vermiculite, and add small amounts of lime and fertilizer to lower the PH and give your seeds some plant food.​

Potting mixes with soil use equal parts soil, peat moss, and perlite or vermiculite, along with any other fertilizers or amendments the gardener wishes to add. Many gardeners experiment with seed starting mixes to find the one that works best for them, so don’t be afraid to play around with your ratios and amendments to find the perfect mix.​

Peat moss is also useful for container gardening, as it preserves moisture and gives your containers a good organic material to grow in. For containers, make sure you mix peat moss with adequate amounts of soil, compost, and fertilizers to keep your container gardens happy.​

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What is the meaning of Customized Grow Media:-

Eco Soil’s Specialist Grow Media is a customized manufactured grow media for commercial Farmers based on the exact requirement of particular Farmer separately according to the climatic conditions of the farm area and the type of plants which are to be grown commercially. When it comes to huge investment, we must be precise too in choosing the grow media.

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At least 17 elements are known to be essential nutrients for plants. In relatively large amounts. Nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, and sulfur; these are often called the macronutrients. In relatively small amounts, the soil supplies iron, manganese, boron, molybdenum, copper, zinc, chlorine, and cobalt, the so-called micronutrients. Nutrients must be available not only in sufficient amounts but also in appropriate ratios for different plants. Elements present at low levels may cause deficiency symptoms, and toxicity is possible at levels that are too high. Furthermore, deficiency of one element may present as symptoms of toxicity from another element, and vice versa. An abundance of one nutrient may cause a deficiency of another nutrient. For example, K+ uptake can be influenced by the amount of NH+4 available.

To avoid such happening Eco Soil Specialist customized grow media is the best solution for the commercial farmers which provide all the necessary nutrients in a balance.

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Why choose Specialist Customized Grow Media?
Specialist Customized Grow Media offers a number of benefits compared to traditional methods including:

  • No soil borne diseases
  • Grow anywhere – even indoors
  • It’s perfect for all kind of plants
  • Greater plant density
  • Typically higher yields
  • More efficient use of nutrients
  • Economical beneficial then other grow media.
  • Manufactured based on requirement of farmer.
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It is important to realize that as your plants grow and develop, their nutritional needs change depending upon where they are at in the cycle. For instance, chili plants will require higher levels of phosphorus and potassium and lower levels of nitrogen when flowering, and the reverse of this balance during vegetative growth. To maximize yields, you should try and tailor nutrient provision to the life cycle. Getting the balance right is essential - if a plant receives a surplus of any particular nutrient this can build up and further down the line cause problems when it comes to absorb other nutrients, subsequently leading to deficiencies

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Eco Soil Conditioner

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What is Eco Soil Conditioner?

A 100% organic product for Eco soil which is added to soil to improve the soil’s physical qualities, usually its fertility (ability to provide nutrition for plants) and sometimes its mechanics. In general usage, the term "soil conditioner" is often thought of as a subset of the category soil amendments.

Eco Soil conditioner is a substance produced from organic matter that helps to improve the soil's properties, adding slow-releasing nutrients.

For centuries people have been adding things to poor soils to improve their ability to support healthy plant growth. Some of these materials, such as compost, clay and peat, are still used extensively today. Many soil amendments also add nutrients such as carbon and nitrogen, as well as beneficial bacteria.

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Benefit of using Eco Soil conditioner?

  • Ensures faster and better roots germination
  • Offers improved rooting, increased blossom set & fruit set
  • Excellent on all crops, from seeding to harvest
  • Increases crop yield and quality
  • Can be used as a soil drench or foliar spray
  • Can be use used at all stages of growth
  • Adds vital organic matter to depleted soils
  • Neutralizes salts in soil from affluent water
  • Repair damaged soil
  • Provide nutrients
  • Added beneficial microbes
  • Enhancing the aeration of your soil
  • Reducing the compaction of your soil
  • Increasing the moisture retention of your soil
  • Assisting with breakdown of organic matter
  • Don’t add concentrated nutrients to the soil but actually improve the texture
  • Modify the soil structure
  • Rebuild soils which have been damaged by improper management
  • Mixed into topsoil to promote healthy plant growth
  • Reduces Translation shock
  • It’s organic! Derived from 100% natural elements, Eco Soil conditioner is completely safe and non-toxic for use in all lawn, gardens & for commercial use.
  • It practically does the work of hoes, forks, shovels and rakes! Often referred to as a “tiller on a hose,” Added Carbon helps reduce compaction, increase air space in the soil, and improve drainage.
  • New lawn? Use before laying sod or planting grass seed! Use Eco Soil conditioner 10 days before planting grass seed or laying sod. It is also recommended to help replenish and rebalance established lawns that are out of balance from chemicals, compaction, drought, and even flooding
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How to Use Soil Conditioner

You may be wondering, what the difference between soil conditioner vs. fertilizer is. After all, fertilizer also adds nutrients. It is true that fertilizer can add nutrients to soil and plants, but in clay, compacted or hard pan soils, these nutrients can become locked up and unavailable to the plants. Fertilizer does not change the soil structure, so in poor quality soil they may help treat the symptoms but they may also be a total waste of money when the plants can’t use the nutrients they add. The best course of action is to amend the soil first, then start a fertilizing regime.

Organic soil conditioners improve soil structure, drainage, water retention, add nutrients and supply food for microorganisms, but some organic soil conditioners can be high in nitrogen or use up a lot of nitrogen.

Clay soil management plan:

Eco Soil conditioner is integral to the clay soil management plan. Because of the humified nature of Eco Soil conditioner and its low concentrations of oxidizable carbon and available nitrogen, Eco Soil conditioner is relatively resistant to further decomposition, and additions of Eco Soil conditioner to the soil over time can increase the soil's organic carbon and humic matter content. Eco Soil conditioner is to provide nutrients as to provide stabilized organic matter that will improve the physical properties of the soil.

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Damaged Soil Management:

Eco Soil conditioner repair damaged soil and help maintain the soil quality for plant life. Over time soil will become compacted, Eco Soil conditioner help to loosen the soil as well as replenish and maintain nutrients in order for the plants to flourish. For the best result it is important to mix the soil and the Eco Soil conditioner before planting.

Additional nutrients, such as calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, may be augmented by amendments as well. This enriches the soil, assuring plants to grow bigger and stronger.

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The Role for Eco Soil Conditioner’s Microorganisms in Soil:

A healthy ecosystem contains millions of microorganisms, which sustain structure and fertility within the environment. The microorganisms work cooperatively with plants and provide tremendous benefits for the surrounding soil. In exchange for the food and nutrients they take from plants, the beneficial microorganisms:

  • Convert nitrogen from the air into a reusable resource.
  • Make water available to plant roots.
  • Release nutrients like nitrogen, phosphorous, sulfur, and iron into the soil.
  • Breakdown pesticides and various chemicals in soil.
  • Suppress harmful pathogens – plant enemies - that lead to disease.

Overuse of chemical-based fertilizers, fungicides, herbicides, and pesticides destroy these natural organisms that are so vital to plant health. Applying Eco Soil Conditioner is a sure way to reintroduce the microorganisms and repair soil damage.