NATCAP LABS – Natural Sciences Laboratory Geoponix has brought together a team of environmental scientists, from many disciplines, to create the laboratory that will conduct its work within the bounds of natural science, to work with natural systems rather than attempt to dominate and control the natural order of our world. NATCAB LABS monitors the increase of organic matter in the soil to restore the carbon cycle and sequester carbon from the atmosphere.

NATCAB LABS has developed a comprehensive organic soil rebuilding and bio-pesticide product line with programs to transition agricultural lands from conventional farming to regenerative agriculture. The scientists will continue to research the natural sciences to develop products that restore the environment and reclaim contaminated lands and waterways.

NATCAB LABS provides land, seed & crop organic certification services and carbon offset credit development & certification services for land owners and farmers.

NATCAP LABS – Natural Sciences Laboratory will be established in each national jurisdiction to support the Geoponix regenerative agriculture, land and water resources reclamation programs.