Growing vegetable have become such a delicate and precision engineering that it is no more poor men trade.

Apart from eractic and aggressive rain fall or hot humid summer, there’s also list of other hazards from which the crop needs serious protection. Be it , being a harmful host of harmful insect, humidity and others.

Creation of micro climate within the Greenhouse space and also to manipulate and harness the climate condition to provide option grow condition for the vegetable and flower is required urgently now – all over the world.

These technical details are so precise that today the demand for vegetable to be produced in the condition of factory produced like crop.

Due to extreme climate condition the only solution for the next generation farming will be precision climate controled Greenhouse. Wherein Malaysia you can grow temperate climate vegetable and fruits in the hot and humid climatic conditions such as at a area with temperature up to 40 0C.

To have a proper air exchange and temperature reduction we incorporate not only shades and fans but other workable air exchange controls to control high related humidity (RH). Unique air distribution methods provides optimum climatic condition throughout the facility to help grower control and improve yields to the required quality.

Seribu Bio Systems Greenhouse operates in a multitude of crops where you can change your crops and set your Greenhouse to provide grow conditions for particular chosen plants/fruits/Crops.

Seribu Bio Systems Greenhouse are also well versed in de-humification technologies to temperature control to lights inlet control to temperature and cooling systems all functions / works in a symbiotic relationship.

We also incorporate heal absorbing shade nets, where it allow lights to penetrate but reducing the heat for hurting the crop.

Our specially designed protective shade nets have proven to be the best in the world, second only to none.

With this systems there is no having them stop growing for 365 days.

Additional advantage enjoyed by our farmers is there better looking larger fruits, which are protected from pests, resulted in greater income produced for the farmers.

a farmer must realize that ,Setting up a proper Greenhouse that suites your local climatic condition is the most crucial decision. As the return on investment can take up to 3 years to come. If we do it right profitability is assured result.

Protective and climate control Greenhouse:- whether we are taking about extreme rain or hot global zone ( such as Malaysia ) for the past several years global warming is casing extreme in Weather pattern where they have far reaching influence on agriculture, farmer and horticulture in all over the World.

Farmers suffer from sudden surge in insect integration which destroy their crop or rain which damage their crop. Here we provide a comprehensive solution with a touch button and with automatic sensors.

This extreme weather pattern can be deflected with our engineered greenhouses. As agronomists ourselves with 20 year of experience in the development of Greenhouse, With build in system for fogging, spraying, precision irrigation we believe we have achieved the best solution for growers to have the best returns in the short period of time.

Our works includes form land surveying, design, and fabrication till crop harvesting.

We too provide knowledge transfer training for growers to handle the Greenhouse growing culture. Also to setup the farms and grow system for certain crops





Seribu Bio Systems – a comprehensive Horticultural company. We are Farmers too!

HortiCulture Equals Our True Passion.

A friendly note from our founder – A long time ago someone close to me asked: “why are you going into agriculture”? and went on

In a man’s life, there are three ways to lose all your money:-

1st…you gamble

2nd…you get married

3rd…you do agriculture

Well “the above might make sense, a little to some, but my reply will always be – How can you compare Passion with Money”

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– Farming is passion for us –

How it all started

We truly believe It's always been a great pleasure for mankind to watch plants grow and best is watch plants that grow from your own seeds….when you’re blessed with such a great pool of talent to make a change to the world we are living in, the thought will always be there to excel and express your vision for mankind in the best manner possible.

Maybe thru this kind of dream and idea. We’re were pulled into this wonderful industry to serve and make a difference, for betterment.

We might have started our horticulture business based on need rather then choice, but today, by choice , we are doing our part to make mankind are well fed and knowledgeably good too.

Today , we have talents from many countries associating with us to learn , harness and develop this industry, partnering with us in technology transfer / sharing knowledge and growing together.

We intent to keep growing for many years to come. Thank you all.

Horticulture Farms

Our Farms , Descriptions and Locations
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Kuala Kubu Bahru Horticulture Research Station – Kg Sungei Jang – Size 3 Acres – Selangor , Malaysia . Our wholly owned, Fully Hi-Tech Climate Control Greenhouse for R&D Facilities’ – Specialises in Fruits & Vegetables Grow Centre .

What do we do here - Here, we undertake some very interesting researches on fruits & vegetables grow technologies, like vertical grow methodologies, Soilless grow Systems , New advanced Organic Grow Systems , Grow Bags Culture , Grafting technologies , Seedlings Preparations , Vertical Farming , Testing of procured seeds performance from all over the world and many more scientific works.

( Frasers Hill entrance Picture and strawberry pictures ) Fraser’s Hill Organic Vegetables and Fruits Centre – 1.2 acres – Pahang state – Malaysia A Joint venture with state government to exhibit organic gardening show nursery for visiting tourist and gardening enthusiasts . apart from leafy vegetables and fruits,

Here , We also produce ever bearing variety of strawberries in organic grow methods and were being sold to visiting tourist , we encourage tourist to participate in home gardening workshops being conducted here weekly at free of charge. Also to ad on – no entrance fees were being imposed . This centre is being fully funded and operated at our own cost by us for the past 6 years for all amateur and professional gardeners to learn , enjoy and benefit. We are open 365 days

Please visit us – you’ll benefit too.
Cameron Highlands Floriculture Farm – 2.5 acres – Kg Raja – Pahang State – Malaysia

A contract farm investment / technology venture with buy back agreements. Being continued for the past 7 years with steady daily supply to Kuala Lumpur. Here, we specialise in Chrysentenum cut flower cultivations and also being grown in both soil based and soilless medium culture. We intend to expand our know how to hot humid lowlands thru climate controlled greenhouse flower productions soon. As the cost of production cus logistics cost can be minimized drastically.

a lease termed joint venture to produce highest quality semi determinate type – controlled precision fertigation grow culture – being operated by only 6 workers in total (including polishing / packing jobs ) and successfully operated for the last 7 years. Ideal for new comers to learn and harness the need to reduce high dependency on labour force.

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Pedas Organic Fertigation Chilli Pepper Cultivation – 10 acres – Negeri Sembilan – Malaysia Our fully owned land farm , here we are specializing in chemical free organic fertigations to grow chillies and other fruiting vegetables for commercial purpose. This microbes based grow technology is very new to south East Asia / pacific regions and have huge potential to overtake chemical based fertiler growing culture. Once commercialised this grow technology will be most sought after as its produce can be most benefiting to human health and environment.

Future Farms – ( India – Myanmar ) We are currently in talks and negotiation with numerous governments to help transfer our horticulture technologies to countries the need to increase their horticultural farms outputs , by the way of technical knowledge transfer – joint venture , we welcome any governments proposals to partnership on this field for mutual benefits. Thank you.

Career Opportunities Available with us:

  • We are always hungry and want to be associated with all highly talented and skilled individuals, like experienced and plant scientist, agronomist, farm managers or any horticultural specialist who is having real passion for his expertise.
  • Please write to us, we do provide accommodation and decent remunerations for good candidates.
  • Apprentices with some qualification or skills can also be accommodated, if willing to work hard and deliver.
  • In future – we have plans for creating a community for best of the best scientific brains to be associated in a single platform to teach and innovate new ideas or technologies to make this world a great place to be in. Welcome to and Come join us if you feel, you fit into these categories.
Grow Technologies

We provide consultancy – designing – building and Operations till profit achived.

Horticultural technologies have grown a long way since human started farming 15.000 years ago. Some technologies were being rediscovered and utelised today, One such is our hydroponics and natural microbial grow cultures.

We , have begun to harness this interesting part of nature to create a better and cheaper food productions for all.

Greenhouses Technologies ( fully automated type – climate control – for hot and humid climatic countries)

Our design allows you to grow temperate climatic vegetables in hot and humid lowlands . We can assure profit for farmers are paramount in our designing and fabrications till operations.

Vertical Grow systems

Each and every plants needs its own specific needs, as planters ourselves, we are aware of our constrains and benefits too, as such, over the years, our design team have came up with numerous workable innovations to fit the requirements.

Microbes Grow technologies

Prior to finding chemical as a source of fertilizer, unknown to mankind, this microbes are doing the job of feeding the rootzone systems , now , its good to know, science have exposed this wonderful part of nature back and lets benefit.

Automation Systems

We design and apply almost every aspects of modern available technologies for farmer to use. Our vast knowledge in horticulture expands from simple fertigations admixes injections to precision uniform growing controls. As its highly specific, your requirement’s will be handled by the specialist.

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WATER FILTER: Many plant – root disease come by  Water.  We provide solutions for that by using our commercial water filters.
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Plumbing System: We supply & install Reliable and long lasting UV treated plumbing systems  and accessories.
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Automated ventilation system to control greenhouse temperature
Home Gardening Grow Systems

This is one part of our business , we intent to concentrate in coming days, as our inventing for home based grow systems will change the way fruits and vegetables are produced and distributed.

Using our systems, you don’t have to buy any vegetables for year round needs.

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And it’s a self-watering system and you only spend 15 minutes daily in your garden patch, yes you got it right garden patch in a size of 15 ft X 10ft , in this area you’ll grow over 30 varieties of fruits and vegetables. And the best part is…its all Organic and you grew it too…. Feeling excited ? Contact us ..we’ll have more surprises and reasons for you to grow your own food , right at your doorstep.

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